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So you have a fairly good understanding of how you are going to market your products and services by this point in our crash course, right?

Let me ask you a question.

What are you doing to market yourself?

I have a deep interest in personal & professional development. I venture to guess you could get more satisfaction from your career and your personal life than you are getting right now. I also believe that many organizations could benefit more from their people by simply taking more of an interest in employee professional development.

Your most important customers are your employees

Businesses should invest in employee skill development, job satisfaction, and morale while investing resources into customer satisfaction. A study by Industry Week that defined the 100 Best Managed Companies shows those companies invest more than their competitors in employee training and benefit plans.

Involve your employees in your business. Provide them with clear goals and an understanding of their roles. Empower them by giving them the training and autonomy to perform their tasks. Reward them with recognition other than just cash. Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers. Loyal, involved, long-term employees discover and learn new ways to cut costs and improve quality which in turn enriches the customer value proposition.

Marketing, branding management. Huh?

Continuing to develop both personally and professionally should be approached in a similar fashion to any sales and marketing campaign. If you are a professional marketer and you are unhappy with the current state of your career, shame on you! Create a plan starting today that will enable you to successfully market yourself and advance your career. This can be done both inside and outside your organization.

There are many similarities between marketing and career management. Good career strategy also involves a personal branding effort.

Much as marketing professionals study their markets, evaluate the products or services they offer and then design marketing campaigns, so too should all professionals examine the product and market of their careers.

Personal marketing campaign

Career management begins by designing a "personal marketing campaign". A personal marketing campaign is a career strategy whereby strengths and weaknesses are identified and then tactics are devised to communicate those strengths to effectively sell the product--the person, are steps are taken to overcome weaknesses-professional development.

In a traditional marketing campaign, a marketing plan is thoughtfully designed and carefully implemented. Benchmarks are defined, measurements are taken along the way and results measured before, during and after the campaign. Only then can one evaluate whether or not their plan is working.

Personal branding and personal marketing involve the processes of bringing clarity to your core purpose, your unique attributes, expertise or perspective and then communicating those consistently to a clearly defined market who will benefit from the unique value you offer. Career benchmarks are defined and measurements taken at pre-defined intervals. Only then can the professional track if their career is progressing according to plan.

Career management is nothing more and nothing less than marketing yourself by fully understanding your unique value and fully understanding who can benefit from that value and then delivering it to them.

Identify your strengths, design a career plan, understand the market for your skills and abilities, and endeavor to continuously develop both personally and professionally. Find ways to help others achieve their dreams and goals by applying your knowledge, skills, and abilities and you'll see your own dreams start to come true.

Never stop expanding your professional horizons.

Now here in early 2018, I've been approached by several amateur and professional athletes asking me for help on branding themselves as athletes (personal branding) and I hope to be able to share my research with you soon. The question they often come to me with is, "How do I brand myself as an athelete?"

The answer is always unique to the individual and always fascinating.


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